My name is Gabrielle Cooper and I am a proud bulldawg graduating from the University of Georgia this upcoming spring of 2018, with a B.F.A. in Interior Design. These pages act as my digital portfolio showcasing the work and development I have gone through during my academic career. Each tab focuses on an aspect of myself that I have tried to enhance - from creativity to analytics. These developments are integral parts of my design process. I have become fascinated with the concept of design because it is so multi-faceted. It pulls from creative, experiential and analytical parts of one's mind.

I am most passionate about artistry in all forms and the widespread effects that "good" design can have on people and our environment. I aspire to create self-sustaining spaces that utilize creativity to become compelling, efficient and functional in the hope of positively connecting the people inside a space with the world outside. 



Connecting with people and learning about the little intricacies that make us each individual is one of the purest forms of exploration and joy to me. Without personalization to the individual, a design would be extremely generic and otherwise boring. Interactions bring about authenticity and creativity to my designs. Connect with me through my Instagram feed or some of the other options provided below in the hopes that this will spark creative interaction between us. I look forward to getting to know you! 




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